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WM Group is a manufacturing company located primarily in South China. We have completed over 100 projects following business ethics in our daily operations, thereby being sensitive to the necessities of the Society and the Environment, providing the best quality products with the most competitive price and on-time delivery.

Based on the company’s product marketing positioning and the development needs of production capacity, combined with the relevant national industrial policies and the forecast of product market demand, WM Group is now committed to the medical industry, which aims to provide clients with a wide range of high-quality medical devices. WM group invested and constructed the disposable nitrile glove factory with an annual output of 9.36 billion. The construction site is located in Putian City, Fujian Province. Relying on the agglomeration effect of medical device industry in Putian City and the resource advantage of WM Group, the project invested 700 million Yuan to construct a production and packaging factory which covers an area of 72 acres of land for disposable nitrile gloves.

Who we are
About us

Our philoshophy and story

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Our philosophy:

WM group aims to promote the development concept of ‘Not only being the biggest enterprise, but also the most sustainable one’, We insist on continuous technological innovation, and make efforts to create the most valuable products for clients and users.


Our Story:

WM Group was founded at the turn of the century, in the year 2000, with the main purpose of providing the best medical devices for various industries worldwide. Originating from Hong Kong, the group has seized the major opportunity China has to offer and expanded operations in South China, setting up various production lines and operations in Fujian and Guangzhou Provinces. The decision to locate the operations here was a strategic one, aimed at creating a fast supply chain and to reduce the delivery time drastically.

Strategy and Alliances:

A new era for the medical industry in China began. Bringing overseas working ethic and business knowledge, gained through her studies in the USA and France, the Founder of WM Group Ms. Mikki Wan has ever since combined the fast pace development of the economy in China with hiring real talent in order to become one of the best medical providers in China.

To stay ahead of the competition WM Group has implemented processes that allow the organization to quickly adapt to new standards and regulations. At WM Group, we are able to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate market shifts and trends.  Thus, our team members obsess over performance data, from traditional data analysis to excellent customer service.

Apart from hiring distinguish professionals, WM Group has also focused on building partner with governments in China and around the world  alliances that led to setting up additional headquarters in USA, California and Spain, Madrid.

About us

“The best advertising is
what satisfied customers do”

Philip Kotler

Business Areas

Business Areas

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Protect the people, protect the world

Healthcare is the principal department of WM Group, providing a wide range of medical products, which aim to protect people’s health in a efficient and responsible way.
Our production factory (for WM Gloves also) is Shanghai Shiqiao Industrial Co., Ltd.

WM expands its operations to deliver the best quality product to reach our main goal, protectin is the key.


Excellence is our commitment

WM Group has been helping individuals and organizations around the world operate more safely with our quality disposable gloves.

With extensive experience over the years, especially during the recent pandemic, we have delivered our products on 5 continents, and we are able to provide the highest quality products with the most competitive prices.


Seeking excellence and leadership in protecting the environment

WM most inspiring challenge is to pursue the armonious development between society and environment while pursuing business value and economic benefits.

WM adheres to eco-friendliness, health, security, energy conservation, lean production and sustainable development and actively performs social responsabilities.


On time, on the way, forever

WM Logistics is a new service developed in 2021 with which WM Group is going to join forces with five leading ocean freight consolidators, laying the foundation for the development of Cargo World Network.

By land, sea and air and with the most advanced human and technological equipment our commitment is  to design your customs processes as simple as possible, minimizing risk, controlling cost and optimizing customs clearance time.

Business Areas

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    WM ECO supports enviromental and ethical values by joining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Program.